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A tribute to uniqueness. An ode to our differences. When we devised the new international campaign for Etnia Barcelona, we developed a new perspective for the brand which we activated on an international level through creative assets, media and data.


  • Digital Strategy


  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Art direction
  • Web design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Display


  • Social Paid


  • Campaign performance analysis



To create Etnia Barcelona’s new international fall-winter 2019 campaign with a strategically comprehensive proposal that would equip the brand with content while coexisting with the #BeAnartist concept. To activate it through a digital media strategy so results can be tracked as it is rolled out in Europe and the USA.


Beauty standards and ideals of perfection have always existed. We wanted to question these notions by paying tribute to uniqueness, to difference – something that defines both the product and the consumers of Etnia Barcelona.

Because being you means not being a copy, accepting your idiosyncrasies and being proud of your imperfections. It means not wanting to be like anybody else, not fitting into a category or conforming to any labels.

This narrative was strengthened by the stars of the campaign: six models who fall outside of mainstream beauty standards and provided meaning with their personal stories and thoughts. Besides being in front of the whole world as the faces of Etnia, they also became the brand’s voice.

And all of this within a concept that functioned as a declaration of intent: I’MPERFECT.





In this campaign, the Etnia models weren’t just the faces of the brand; for the first time, they also became its voice.


Based on our idea, we conceived a manifesto that served as the centrepiece of the campaign, through which we launched the brand’s narrative and introduced the concept.

We conducted six interviews in which each of the models shared their thoughts on uniqueness and imperfection. To complete the campaign, we also launched capsule videos featuring other interesting statements.

We adapted the different pieces to the formats and features of each platform and translated them into six languages.

Moreover, we designed a landing page where we hosted all the content, and the campaign was also adjusted to several types of materials, both for the points of sale and outdoor advertising. This way, we provided the narrative with a journey and consistency.

Media and data strategy

We developed a media strategy with the aim of generating maximum awareness of the campaign in the brand’s European and American markets. For this reason, we activated the main piece: the manifesto video, and increased awareness of it through photographs and GIFs.

We focused on three pillars that proved to be essential to the success of the campaign.

Segmentation by proximity to the point of sale

The initial plan was designed according to proximity to Etnia’s points of sale and identifying the audience that the brand and its communication was relevant to, thereby allowing us to achieve highly qualitative impacts. Furthermore, we designed a monitoring system for the goals and KPIs that related to the campaign’s strategy.

Daily monitoring of the results through a shared dashboard

We implemented daily monitoring of the results through a dashboard that we shared with our client. This kept us updated on how each of the creative assets were performing in the cities where the campaign was activated.

Optimisation of the campaign’s performance

From this point onwards, thanks to the daily monitoring, we were able to improve the performance of the campaign. It was even possible to discard the creative assets that provided the poorest results while activating those that worked best in each market.

“Working on the creative assets, media and data together allowed us to optimise the performance of this campaign. For instance, we noticed that the video retention for the manifesto piece was not as expected, so we designed a shorter version that improved the metrics in record-breaking time.”

Uri Fernandez, Executive Creative Director

Etnia Barcelona presents I’mperfect, the story of six people who abandoned mainstream beauty standards to celebrate the idiosyncrasies that make them unique.

The fall-winter 2019/2020 collection questions the concept of perfection and celebrates everything that makes us unique, thus breaking the standards and stereotypes imposed by society.

Because, as the campaign says, “When you stop searching for perfection, you find your own truth.”

ETNIA BARCELONA presents an imperfect campaign that re-examines the idea of perfection itself and champions what is unique in us all.

Kampagne fĂĽr Herbst / Winter feiert die Einzigartigkeit nicht nur der Designs, sondern auch der Menschen, die sie tragen.

Freckles, albinism, gapped teeth. Uniqueness is the banner for this campaign where imperfections become attributes.






Engagement rate improvement (compared to the brand average)


The I'MPERFECT concept reached more than 8 million people in 5 different countries, achieving engagement far beyond the brand's average.

The reaction from users was very positive and they identified with the key concepts of the campaign, such as diversity and uniqueness, while also recognising its aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, the results doubled the awareness targets in many countries.


Client: Etnia Barcelona

Year: 2019

Sector: Optic


Digital Account Manager: Aina SebastiĂ 

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Creative Supervisor: Pita Gan

Art Director: Virginia Nicolau

Copywriter: Joan Tremoleda

Executive Producer: Rubens PĂ©rez

Producer: Neus Mármol

Audiovisual Designer: Sergi DĂ­az

Data Manager: MartĂ­ Ibarz

Junior Data Analyst: Gemma GĂłmez

Media Planner: Malena Costa

Trading Desk: Fiorella Palmisano


Set designer

Alex La Salle


RamĂłn LĂłpez


Biel Capllonch

Rita Puig-Serra


Héctor Ferreño

MartĂ­ Herrera

Lucas Hope

Edition and color

Aleix Fernández


Dani Riba

Pep AguilĂł

Aleix Fernández


Brand Content Manager: Nara Camps

Digital Strategist: Barbara Montoto

Digital Content: Soraya González

Graphic Designer: Mikel Pascal

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