Pisando el cielo

You don’t conquer a market on impressions alone. To connect with consumers, it’s essential to understand their local culture and to know how to translate the brand’s value proposition into their language. That’s what we did for Deichmann.

Project Scope


  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy


  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction


  • Audiovisual and musical


  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Media Activation


  • Results Measurement



To increase awareness of Deichmann among the Spanish public.


The German brand Deichmann is the leader in footwear distribution in Europe, but in our country awareness of the brand was far from what it was in its native country. Its value proposition, based on quality, reasonable pricing, variety and fashion for everyone, was relevant to Spanish consumers, but their way of transmitting these values hadn’t connected with the national spirit. We needed to explain it in a more emotional and experiential way.

With this objective in mind, we reinforced the emotional benefit: the ability to live enriching experiences thanks to the democratisation of quality footwear, and we verbalised this concept with a new claim for the Spanish market, “Mucho por andar”. But for the brand’s first local campaign we needed to consolidate the bridge connecting value for money with enjoyment, resulting in “Pisar el Cielo”, an idea that captures the feeling of euphoria we feel when we buy something of great quality at a reasonable price.


There’s a language capable of communicating that euphoria clearly and simply: music. That's why we decided to create an original song and produce a music video where footwear was the protagonist through dance. The person in charge of adding the voice and the rhythm was Operación Triunfo winner Nia Correia, who brought in all the freshness, good vibes and enthusiasm that the campaign required.

This item marked the beginning of the entire campaign, but we didn’t stop there. We defined an Ad Experience with a large number of items that revealed what “buying well” actually means for different consumer segments.

Dissemination and monitoring strategy

Our obsession is not just to reach audiences, but to do so in a way that truly connects with them. That’s why we defined a media mix that guaranteed optimal coverage and frequencies while considering the quality impact in each phase and for each target. In this way, traditional media such as television, radio, the press or outdoors helped us explain the brand while digital media helped us offer a richer and more relevant experience for each segment, through messages adapted to their specific interests. This was the only way we could turn Deichmann into a brand of reference “for the many”.

To evaluate the development of the campaign in real time, we implemented our own analytical model that offered us an omnichannel vision (Digital, TV, Radio, DOOH, etc.) and that collected and visually reflected the results of KPIs of awareness and connection, allowing us to optimise the campaign while it was active and obtain better results.


Complete views

Positive sentiment

Increase in consumer engagement

Increase in purchase intention

We impacted 96% of the target audience an average of 48 times (3.4 times per week), with over 42M complete digital views and 83% TV coverage and generating a decidedly positive sentiment (57% positive sentiment in Social Listening).

The campaign allowed us to improve ad recall by 105% compared to the average recall achieved in the 2017 to 2021 campaigns, according to Kantar’s post-campaign tests. We also improved engagement by 23% and purchase intention by 46% compared to the average recall achieved in the 2017 to 2021 campaigns, again according to Kantar’s post-campaign tests.








Agency Staff

Executive Creative Director

Uri Fernández

Creative Director

Nacho Hernández

Creative Editor

Fran Paz

Head of Art

Eren Saracevic

Art Director

Lluis Maronda

Art Director

Núria Pujol

Director of Client Services

Helena Grau

Account Director

Belén Moreno

Account Executive

Carla Torredemer

Executive Producer

Rubens Pérez


Sergi Silvestre

Director of Strategy

Luis Conde


Natalia Carranza

Media Director

Malena Costa

Planner & Programmatic Trader

Lesly Larez

Director of Analytics

Martí Ibarz


Arnau Sandalinas

Data Specialist

Max Loizu


Production Company



Pablo Maestres

Executive Producer

Pablo García Acón


Vicky Piantini


Román Martínez de Bujo


Guillermo Vidal-Ribas

Art Director



Bea Domínguez


Arnald Viladomat


Lita Bosch

Post Production

Only Postproduction


Dani Trujillo

Musical Supervision

Lourdes Hernández (Plusmusic)



Javier Suárez Ordoño

Head of Marketing and Digital Department

Núria Prieto

Marketing and Communication Department

Mireia Aguado

Marketing and Communication Department

Marta López

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