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When Christmas comes, creative agencies want to surprise their clients with an original gift. And we couldn't think of anything suitable except... your typical, everyday leg of ham? OK, so maybe it wasn't so typical after all.

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To reinforce Fuego Camina Conmigo’s innovative value proposition.


Giving a large piece of ham as a gift is very much part of the Spanish Christmas tradition. On the one hand, we weren’t ready to break with that tradition, but on the other, we felt it wasn't disruptive enough for an agency like ours. We then realised that during the last few months, something had been gaining traction in the world of innovation: NFTs. It even made the Collins Dictionary Word of the Year. Then the penny dropped: what if we created the world’s first Ham NFT?

A surprising gift or just a silly joke, depending on how you look at it, as the jury’s still out on whether these digital works of art, currently selling for millions, are the next big thing or the next big bluff. To mitigate this, and to avoid upsetting our clients, we presented them with two options: they could keep the digital asset and hope to strike it lucky, or exchange it for its real-life counterpart, rich and succulent. A leg of ham today, or crypto-art for tomorrow. That’s the dinner table conversation taken care of.



We sent a box of ham to each of our clients, although it soon became clear to them from the weight of the package that no ham was to be found inside. Instead, they found a note which presented them with the dilemma and two QRs: one took them to a webpage where they could claim their virtual ham, and the other allowed them to redeem their physical gift.

In parallel, we wanted to take the conversation beyond our client network, so we brought the debate to our followers. We asked them which of the two options they would choose: physical or virtual. Among the comments received was a wide range of opinions. The same was true for the responses among our clients who, although most of them chose the tried and tested option of the real ham, a surprising 30% opted for the NFT.

Does the future belong to those who take risks? Only time, and the blockchain, will tell.



Fuego Camina Conmigo





Agency Staff

Executive Creative Director

Uri Fernández

Creative Director

Nacho Hernández


Samuel Valiente

Art Director

Ariadna Castells

Motion Graphics

Antonio Ramírez


Higi Rodríguez

Director of Strategy

Luis Conde

Strategic Planner

Natalia Carranza

Account Executive

Cristina García

Executive Producer

Rubens Pérez


Xavi Saborit


Technical Development

Fastlove Studios

3D Design


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