A Pachas

“Anuncios a pachas”. Or the campaign that hacked the traditional advertising model to beat inflation.

Project Scope


  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Integrated Campaign Strategy


  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphic


  • Results Measurement and Monitoring
  • Insight Detection

Community Management

  • Contact with brands
  • Real-time user interaction


In the midst of a crisis and sky-high inflation, Jumpers goes an entire year without being able to communicate. Armed with only a tight budget, we’re given the challenge of reconnecting the brand with its target while capitalising on the authenticity proposal “A lo Jumpers” that the brand has been building since 2020.



Faced with a recession, we decided to take a risk and create a whole new way of advertising, Ad Sharing: advertisements made in conjunction with other brands, dividing costs in the middle, to combat inflation and multiply impact.

We designed an integrated campaign with very Jumpers-like ads where production and media spend was shared with iconic brands that were relevant for the target, creating an unprecedented crossover with a variety of pieces broadcast on a wide range of media and supports.







The campaign was divided into two phases. The first phase was aimed at launching an appeal. We presented the initiative and invited brands on board through a very austere launch piece on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

In the second phase, we negotiated a deal to split production and media expenses with interested brands with potential to connect with our target. Filming was done in record time and in less than two weeks we launched the first Anuncios a pachas on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube for Desatranques Jaén, Súper Pim Pam, Wuolah and Tómbola Antojitos.

After the launch of the first ads, offers of collaboration started flooding in, and the campaign quickly spread across multiple media. The man-ad for the History and Current Affairs channel. Direct marketing, overlay and mention of a relevant streamer on Twitch with Newslink. A well-known gallery on social with the Bricovel hardware store. A product placement with “Mr. Jumpers” appearing as a guest on “La Ruina”, one of the most popular comedy podcasts in Spain. And the impressive digital OOH with Visit Benidorm, which also had its own Anuncio a pachas.

To end the campaign, and making the most of the Christmas season, we launched a competition for two A Pachas Baskets (on Instagram and Twitter), with gifts from Jumpers and the participating brands.

Analytics Strategy

We developed a monitoring dashboard to obtain an overview of each of the levers: organic and paid. We looked at campaign performance piece by piece to extract insights about platforms and content.

This allowed us to make decisions in each phase of the campaign and adjust the strategy, optimising content, platforms and investment almost in near real-time.





Positive sentiment


Estimated earned media reach

With half the investment, the campaign achieves double the impact. We once again position Jumpers as a Love Brand — it connects with an audience that is invested in the campaign and that follows it as if it were a series on Netflix.








Agency Staff

Executive Creative Director

Uri Fernández

Creative Director

Nacho Hernández

Director of Strategy

Luis Conde

Strategic Planner

Silvia Lahoz

Creative Supervisor

Samuel Valiente

Art Director

Ariadna Castells

Art Director

Lluís Maronda

Content creator

Alejandra Serrias

Head of content

Joan Tremoleda


Marta Robledo

Content creator

Ariadna Cabré

Director of Client Services

Helena Grau

Accounts Director

Marc Graells

Digital Account

Cristina Garcia

Community Manager

Daniel Lucena

Executive Producer

Rubens Pérez


Sergi Silvestre


Xavi Saborit

Analytics Director

Martí Ibarz

Data Analyst

Arnau Sandalinas

Business Intelligence Specialist

Max Loizu

Media Director

Malena Costa

Planner & RTB

Clara Roverso


Director & Editor

Edgar Lledó

On-set Art Director & Wardrobe

Sehila Fernández

Production Coordinator (launch piece)

Alejandro Carrión

Production Coordinator (other pieces)

Anna Baeza

Post Production (launch piece)

Aleix Fernández

Post Production

Marc Balagué

Post Production

avid Arruga

Post Production

Natalia Martín


Marketing Director

Rafael Arellano

Marketing Department

Sara Pérez

Marketing Department

Jorge Huguet

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