Esta bolsa no tiene futuro

Crisps brand Marinas launches the first biodegradable and 100% plastic-free bag, the first in its product category and an initiative that will avoid the use of up to 60 tons of plastic each year. To communicate this achievement, we launched a campaign that talks about the future – or the absence of it – aimed at consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environment.

Project scope


  • Communication Strategy


  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction


  • Audiovisual
  • Branded Content


  • Digital Campaign


  • Results Measurement

Community Management

  • Monitoring of Comments

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To work on a campaign to launch the new bag and communicate the brand’s innovation, quality and commitment through digital activation.


More and more consumers expect brands to be sustainable, and consequently more and more brands try to incorporate sustainability in their offerings. But all too often they fall into the habit of greenwashing. While other brands were simply paying lip service to the idea of sustainability, Marinas had quietly invested in a biodegradable and 100% plastic-free bag. But there’s no point launching such an initiative, which avoids using 60 tons of plastic every year, if consumers who are eager to be more environmentally responsible aren’t even aware of it.

To launch the campaign, we focused on the time it takes for the new Marinas bag to decompose compared to its competitors: while the former takes only a year to disappear, the latter can take up to 200 years. From there we came up with the idea that ours is a bag with no future: the best thing we can offer our planet in terms of waste reduction, because, paradoxically, that’s exactly what guarantees its future.

In this way we changed the usual language of this product category, which tends to focus on flavour, we emphasised the product’s packaging and broadened the brand’s target to include conscious consumers, which more and more Spaniards identify with. Through the execution of a sober and elegant main item, we connoted the product’s high quality.

But we didn’t stop there. To create a conversation, we complemented the campaign with a collaboration with content creators Putos Modernos, who focused, in an incisive but friendly way, on the posturing of the competition and of a section of supposedly environmentally-conscious consumers, and with a PR action aimed at specialist and general media outlets.

“One of our strategic decisions was to go beyond the product’s usual consumer base to find a demographic that is motivated by a sense of environmental responsibility, a segment that is experiencing strong growth. According to Ipsos data, 76% of Spaniards are changing their habits and becoming more sustainable.”

Luis Conde Director of Strategy


We worked on a core item broadcast on digital media nationwide. In addition, the Putos Modernos collaboration included seven graphics with headlines that the studio shared among its community of more than 200,000 followers and that we used as complementary pieces of our campaign. We also planned a PR action that helped us take the brand’s messages to specialist and general media.

Media & Data Strategy

To impact our target, we expanded the brand’s digital ecosystem, which until then had only focused on Facebook and YouTube, with channels such as Instagram, Display, Influence and PR. Through paid media, we reached two different audiences, one more general in terms of interests, but segmented to areas where the brand has more penetration at point-of-sale, and a second audience, highly focused on consumers interested in sustainability. This allowed us to detect the most effective means for each one and perform real-time campaign optimisation.

In the distribution of our items, the format of the content and the nature of each medium were also taken into account: for the video, we prioritised YouTube and Display, which managed to retain 23% and 50% of the users until the end, and for the In the content produced by Putos Modernos, we focused our efforts on Instagram, taking advantage of the synergies between the brand’s own account and that of the content creators.

Thanks to this strategy, together with the creativity’s success, we achieved our set objectives and exceeded them comfortably.



Complete Views

View through Rate vs Objective

Interaction vs Objective

The campaign exceeded all our key objectives.

In the awareness phase, we achieved 138% more video views thanks to a very good attention capture of the main item, with a 95% higher VTR than our estimation and the spot achieving 5.4 million complete views. In the consideration phase, we achieved 40K interactions, exceeding our goal by 28%.



Marinas - Grupo Apex




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Executive Creative Director

Uri Fernández

Creative Director

Pita Gan


Pol Alert

Content Creator

Joan Tremoleda

Art Director

Ruben Miguel

Strategy Director

Luis Conde

Strategic Planner

Natalia Carranza

Account Director

Marc Graells

Account Executive

Cristina García

Data Director

Martí Ibarz

Media Director

Malena Costa

Producer Manager

Rubens Pérez


Iria C. Martínez, Sergi Silvestre

Community Manager

Daniel Lucena



Putos Modernos

PR Agency

Dilo bien alto (PR)

3D Strategy

Kiwi Bravo


Marketing Director

Rafael Arellano

Business Communication and Development

Mireia Ribé

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