El Jumper de Jumpers

When you detect that Jumpers clothes are being sold for €490 and you’re falsely accused of posturing, there’s only one thing to do: turn it around and create El Jumper de Jumpers, the cheap copy of the expensive copy.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy


  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction


  • Audiovisual
  • Branded Content


  • Digital Campaign


  • Results Measurement

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  • Monitoring of Comments

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To counteract a potential crisis and turn it into an opportunity to build brand positioning and a great connection between Jumpers and its audience.


It was a typical day when suddenly we saw a worrying notification, one that set off all our alarm bells: a user had complained that Jumpers was just another posturing brand because it sold expensive clothes. It wasn’t true, but that didn’t matter if consumers were having doubts. We’d been working for months on a brand repositioning and a point of view based on authenticity in the face of fashion trends, vindicating the brand’s humble origins and even its mistakes along the way, and suddenly, with a single comment, we ran the risk of throwing away all the work we’d been doing.
We soon discovered that the person selling the expensive clothes was a designer who was using Jumpers assets without permission. We had two options: either activate the legal team to put an end to this malpractice or turn it around and transform the problem into an opportunity that would help reinforce the brand’s position. Unlike what many other companies would have done, we opted for the latter. We decided to create the Jumper by Jumpers, the cheap copy of the expensive copy: so cheap, in fact, that it was given away.


We published a statement on Twitter explaining what happened, an ideal format for telling amazing stories, and then we presented the sweatshirt with a crazy launch video that invited users to participate in a draw for 500 sweatshirts. Would so many people want such an ugly sweatshirt? Funnily enough, we received more than 40,500 entries: a resounding success!
Once the promotion was over, the draw was held and we ended the action. But then something unexpected happened: people were asking for more.


We started getting a flood of requests and saw that a black market for sweatshirts had started on Wallapop. This left us with two alternatives: either ignore users, causing dissatisfaction, as many other companies would have done, or give them what they asked for. We decided to take advantage of the momentum and exploit the hype that had been created. We poured more resources into the campaign and launched an e-commerce site to sell the sweatshirt at cost price. Once again, the question arose as to whether consumers would pay the €25 RRP, and again people were happy to oblige. The sweatshirts sold out within a few days.
This was getting serious. There’s only one type of brand that can sell merchandising because consumers are proud to wear a big logo: Love Brands. The selling out of the sweatshirts made it clear that Jumpers had become one.

Media & Data Strategy

We defined a media strategy focused on awareness that was implemented in phases. In the first phase, designed to capture the attention of the audience, we activated a media mix that boosted virality and included influencer-led reinforcement. For the campaign’s second phase, aimed at boosting engagement, we made the sale of the sweatshirt into an open conversation on social media.
Thanks to the idea and its execution and media activation, we not only achieved our objectives, we also broke all company records: the brand received 96% positive comments, exceeded engagement forecasts by 5,500% and capitalised 59% of the interactions of the whole year with this action alone. But the success was even greater at the commercial level, where Jumpers grew 10x compared to its category average, reaching the highest sales record.


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The El Jumper de Jumpers campaign is proof that, in the new communication paradigm, knowing how to take advantage of the potential of channels to listen to and understand consumer concerns allows brands to detect situations that can help them gain relevance, generate purchase preference and, consequently, increase sales and market share.



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