Estrella Damm

Sant Jordi Musical

Every good story ends with a celebration. By taking this insight as our starting point and building a digital campaign with multiple executions, we transformed Estrella Damm’s Sant Jordi Musical into a party.



  • Digital Strategy


  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Art direction
  • Web design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Website
  • Email
  • Display


  • Insight detection
  • Campaign performance analysis

Line up


To link Estrella Damm to Catalonia’s local music and culture and engage with a younger audience, as well as encouraging people to attend the event.


All stories with a happy ending finish with a celebration. But for every time we’ve been told the legend of Sant Jordi, we never got to find out what happened afterwards. What if a party broke out after Sant Jordi killed the dragon?

This insight shaped the campaign and provided the perfect territory for a brand like Estrella Damm, with a predominantly audiovisual execution that featured the headliners and allowed music to play an essential role.


Based on this idea and starting with a video of the line-up, we built a global campaign by developing pieces for both the digital environment and offline: from outdoor advertising to radio stations and the graphic assets of the actual event. We also proposed formats that were designed to be shared by the artists themselves.

To enable community managers to respond to users who were interested in the event, we created several GIFs of the campaign’s main characters doing their best dance moves.

And all with a banner as its banner
The campaign’s main visual element and the star of the line-up poster was a banner that we designed with the aim of linking tradition, modernity and branding; the task of producing it fell to Cobalto.


Impressions on social media


Engagement rate improvement (compared to the brand average)


We achieved our goal of linking the brand with local musical culture and engaging with the campaign’s target audience, achieving a total of 6 million impressions.

We created a fresh and original format to promote the action and the relationship with Sant Jordi. It launched on social media, where it successfully found the event’s target audience.

The campaign was a huge success: achieving an interaction rate 70% higher than the brand’s average. The comments received on social media were overwhelmingly positive and the event had a great turnout.


Client: Estrella Damm

Year: 2019

Sector: Beverage


Account Director: Marc Graells

Digital Account Manager: Rosa Pla

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Art Director: Ariadna Castells

Creative supervisor: Pita Gan

Executive Producer: Rubens PĂ©rez

Audiovisual: Carlota Oms

Audiovisual: Aleix Fernández



Marcel Juan


Marcel Juan


Group Brand Manager: Isabel Negra

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