Gazpacho Rebels

With the aim of liberating gazpacho from its seasonal associations, we decided to appeal to rebelliousness and humour. We launched a campaign with multiple executions that began with insights designed to segment our audience according to their YouTube searches.



  • Digital strategy


  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Visual design
  • Website design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Web developement


  • Insight detection
  • Campaign performance analysis

Ver piezas


To raise awareness outside of the summer and deseasonalise the consumption of Alvalle gazpacho.

Campaign's message was clear. Break convention: drink gazpacho in winter.


In the minds of consumers, gazpacho is associated with good weather, but who says you can’t enjoy it in winter too?

It was this premise that inspired Gazpacho Rebels, a campaign that focused on freeing the consumption of Alvalle gazpacho from its seasonal confinements by inviting consumers to break from the norm and drink it whenever they want, whether it’s hot or cold outside.
Through the idea that drinking gazpacho in winter is rebellious, we established a humorous parallel between minor day-to-day acts of rebellion and the concept of drinking gazpacho in the winter, which, let’s be honest, as rebellion goes is a little tame.


The campaign took the form of short videos on Instagram Stories and YouTube. We launched a series of 15-second pieces that didn’t need the sound turned up, making them perfectly suited to the digital environment. This, along with the use of insights that were designed to be activated based on users’ YouTube searches, meant the campaign was a big success with a very clearly conveyed message and very positive interactions.

Alvalle also organised an action with the influencers @nutritionisthenewblack, @albertoortizrey, @miguelamunoz and @maria_castro_jato, who supported the campaign’s dispersal on Instagram.




Engagement rate improvement (compared to the brand average)


Increase of the product’s share of voice


With the aim of increasing awareness outside of the product’s typical season, we engaged with 3 million young people in an unseasonalised way.

The campaign received a very warm welcome on social media, with users mentioning one another and sharing the videos and stories on Instagram. The insight generated a very empathetic reaction, and influencers actively participated with fresh and fun content.

We increased the engagement rate by 150% compared to the brand average, and social media participation grew by 200% thanks to the content going viral. All of this meant that the campaign, which combined creativity with simple execution, became a landmark for Alvalle.


Client: Pepsico - Alvalle

Year: 2017

Sector: Food


Client Service Director: Judit Sáez

Digital Account Manager: Paloma Lozano

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Art Director: Sofia Dezaki

Copywriter: Samuel Valiente

Executive Producer: Rubens PĂ©rez

Producer: Alejandra Serna



Edgar LledĂł


Edgar LledĂł


Brand Manager: Ignacio Sevilla

Brand Manager Assistant: Elena Cárceles

Digital Marketing Manager: Daniel Godoy

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