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For the first Nespresso Professional campaign in Spain, we relied on prominent figures from the world of haute cuisine and hospitality to convey the importance of offering their diners an extraordinary coffee. All within the concept “There are no small details”.


  • Digital Strategy


  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Art direction
  • Web design
  • Copywriting


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Web
  • Email
  • Display
  • Print



Nespresso Professional wanted to raise awareness of its professional solutions for restaurants and hotels. The audience we were targeting was already familiar with Nespresso B2C, so the challenge was informing them that the brand also has solutions for their businesses. To accomplish this, we needed to construct a relevant and unique positioning that also preserved the essence and values of the brand.


To connect with our target audience – restaurant and hotel managers – we decided to appeal to one of the major trends in their markets: the importance of offering experiences to their clients. Experiences that can only be exceptional when every single detail is too, and in which coffee plays an important role.

To launch the message, we decided to work with opinion makers from each sector to develop testimonials that were aspirational for our target audience, but which also provided something they could identify with. This allowed us to gain credibility and visibility within the sector.

The chosen personalities were chef Quique Dacosta, who has 3 Michelin stars, and Vincent Studer, general manager at the luxurious 5-star The One Barcelona. Both spoke of the importance of paying attention to everything that surrounds the diner and the guest respectively, so they can be provided with the finest experiences. All within our proposed concept for the campaign: ‘There are no small details’.


“If anything defines today’s consumer, it’s the search for meaningful experiences. This insight was the starting point for the first Nespresso Professional campaign in Spain with a strategy and creativity all of its own, independent of the headquarters.”

Luis Conde Head of Strategy


The campaign consisted of documentary videos where we combined the interview format with day-to-day images of the protagonists. We then adapted this content to the various formats and launched them as part of a multifaceted digital campaign.

We created a landing page where we featured the pieces, which were also disseminated on social media through branded content and a display campaign. We also designed graphic pieces for specialist media, as well as newsletters.

This campaign is still active. We will publish the results once it finishes.


Client: Nespresso Professional

Year: 2019

Sector: Hospitality


Digital Account Manager: Belén Moreno

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Creative Supervisor: Pita Gan

Art Director: Ariadna Castells, Virginia Nicolau

Agency Executive Producer: Rubens Pérez

Edit: Anna Oriol, Aleix Fernández



Laia Benavides


El Cangrejo


B2B Product Manager: Natalia Cervera

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