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This international Instagram project was editorial in nature and created with relevant content. By harnessing every possibility offered by the platform, it positioned Estrella Damm as the world’s leading beer brand for engagement with users on social media.



  • Digital strategy


  • Creative conceptualization
  • Art direction
  • Web design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Website
  • Email


  • Insight detection
  • Performance Campaign analysis

Case study


To boost brand awareness at an international level with tailor-made Instagram content that reinforces Estrella Damm’s positioning and brand territory.


Until 2016, the Estrella Damm Instagram account was being bombarded with all manner of brand content. The challenge was to create a long-term content line, international in nature and aesthetically striking, that would be useful to our community and fall within the Estrella Damm brand concept: the now-famous “Mediterráneamente”.

This is how the Spots Guide came into being. An editorial proposal which, as a travel guide built on Instagram, suggested idyllic Mediterranean locations that were also geolocated.

In 2018, and with more than 150K followers, we evolved the concept of the guide by integrating a totally new perspective: sustainability. We transformed it into an environmentally conscious guide based on love and respect for the Mediterranean which, without sacrificing any of its visual power, focused on stories about preserving the nature and culture of the Mediterranean.

With hundreds of posts, Estrella Damm’s Spots Guide has become one of the most internationally successful examples of branded content on social media.


The idea was to capitalise on every possibility offered by Instagram, using all of the platform’s existing formats as they launched. In total, we posted more than 200 photos on the grid: two-thirds were self-produced, with another third coming from collaborations with some of the platform’s most well-known photographers, and they all featured the hashtag #MediterraneanVibes.

Alongside this, we used Stories to go behind the scenes at the photo shoots and complemented the project with polls about fun Mediterranean facts.


We also made the Guide available on Estrella Damm’s website, so all the spots could be explored, saved and even used to create routes.

The positive reception given to the project by users meant that some of the content could be exported to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Community growth


International community members


Improvement of interactions per post (2015–2018)


The Spots Guide was a key action for linking Estrella Damm with the Mediterranean, both nationally and internationally.

This was an important step for Estrella Damm, which since 2015 has seen its Instagram community grow by 705%, with almost as many international followers (45%) as local ones.

The high-quality content has seamlessly evolved to engage with the Instagram community, improving interaction per post by 4,700% between 2015 and 2018.


Client: Estrella Damm

Year: 2016 - Present

Sector: Beverage


Client Service Director: Judit Sáez

Account Director: Marc Graells

Digital Account Executive: Andrea Campos

Digital Account Executive: Rosa Pla

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Art Director: Núria Pujol

Copywriter: Samuel Valiente

Executive Producer: Rubens Pérez

Producer: Alejandra Serna

Producer: Anna Otero

Audiovisual: Carlota Oms




Salva López


Coke Bartrina

Simone Bramante


Joe Greer

How Far From Us

Hayley Andersen

Lucy Laucht

Roc Isern

Road To Wild


Martí Herrera

Edgar Lledó

Pau García Leita

Michele Falci


Martí Herrera

Edgar Lledó

Pau García Leita


Martí Herrera

Fabián Matas


Digital Manager: Fran Soley

Social Media Manager: Gerard Arias

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