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El día a día

A campaign launched in almost real time that was made possible by our flexible and scalable in-house production model. It all happened over the course of a year in which we travelled more than 5,000 km to do 18 days of filming.



  • Digital strategy


  • Creative conceptualization
  • Art direction
  • Web design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Website
  • Email


  • Insight detection
  • Campaign performance analysis

Case Study


To communicate, in a relatable and relevant way, that Estrella Damm works with local farmers and only uses 100% natural ingredients. To build awareness of Estrella Damm’s production process and boost the positive perception of the brand.


Estrella Damm is brewed according to its original 1876 recipe, with 100% natural ingredients sourced from local farmers.
In 2017, the company asked us to highlight these attributes to strengthen its image as a traditional and innovative brand. To achieve this, we created a content line named #CadaEstrellaQueHacemos to publicise the way their beer is made. We began talking about the production and brewing process behind the end product with high-quality photographic content and strategically timed inclusions of the locations and individuals involved in the process.

“Estrella Damm were faced with the challenge of talking about their product with a new tone and visual code – they trusted us, and we created more relatable and direct content that felt less like marketing.”

Luis Conde Founder and Strategic Planner


In 2018, after a year of promoting Estrella Damm’s production process, we moved the idea forward with the Day-to-Day concept. We wanted to do more than just talk about how Estrella Damm is made, we wanted to show it in a documentary style and get closer to experiencing what goes on at every key point in the production process.

To achieve this, we filmed in the malt house, the rice fields in Delta del Ebro, the hop fields in Prades and the barley fields in Lleida. Over the course of a year, and in a relatable way, we put the spotlight on the most relevant, interesting and noteworthy aspects of the locations and individuals behind the manufacturing process. We went beyond the factory and set Damm apart from their competitors.


The challenge was to show everything that goes on behind this iconic beer. We created a documentary series of 12 videos, 30 articles and more than 120 photographs which included dozens of key participants in the process.

We worked with individual pieces to give value to the idea of live content. We conveyed the concept that, for example, the barley was being harvested in Lleida while the user was watching the video.

The display campaign worked in the same way. We reinforced the feeling of immediacy and the message of simultaneity: while you’re reading this article, we’re sowing rice in Delta del Ebro.




100% video retention


Number of views of 100% of the video


We developed the foundations of a new code that defined the way Estrella Damm communicated their product, and we achieved an awareness of 9 million impressions.

The welcome from the audience was very positive, which was demonstrated by the 15% full-video retention rate. The best results were achieved on Instagram, where video retention was 28% higher than the brand’s average rate.

Twelve videos, one for each month of the year, which fulfilled the objective of the campaign: to convey the level of care that goes into the entire production process behind every Estrella Damm.


Client: Estrella Damm

Year: 2018

Sector: Beverage


Client Service Director: Judit Sáez

Digital Account Executive: Andrea Campos

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Art Director: Mònica Casamor

Creative Director: Samuel Valiente

Executive Producer: Rubens Pérez

Producer: Neus Mármol

Audiovisual: Carlota Oms

Audiovisual: Sergi Díaz




Leo García Méndez

Laia Sabaté

Pau Mira

Rita Puig Serra

Anna Pla-Narbona Leon


Martí Herrera

Daniel Rlba Isart

Agnès Piqué Corbera


Oriol Bonals

David Gabriel Ferrer Sánchez

Color grading

Martí Herrera

Fabián Matas


Digital Manager: Fran Soley

Social Media Manager: Gerard Arias

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