Doctor Ruka

Some say trolls are the dark side of the internet, so we launched a campaign to try and rehabilitate them. This Internet Day project was able to connect with both popular Twitter users and brands.



  • Brand strategy
  • Digital strategy


  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Art direction
  • Website design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Website


  • Social Paid


  • Campaign performance analysis



To communicate, in a relatable and relevant way, that Estrella Damm works with local farmers and only uses 100% natural ingredients. To build awareness of Estrella Damm’s production process and boost the positive perception of the brand.



Community Managers are the foundation of any digital agency that specialises in social media, but sometimes we forget about them. It’s a job that entails great responsibility, and if that isn’t enough, they also have hundreds and thousands of enemies who are always looking for an opportunity: the trolls. Enemies who aren’t afraid to stalk, offend and set traps for influencers and brands just to see them fall for their schemes. We needed a hero to put all these haters in their place and rehabilitate them into upstanding internet users; so we decided to create one.

Dr Ruka (whose name comes from the legendary trolling of @alcampo which is well-known in the community manager world) is a supposed Argentinian psychologist who claims to be able to rehabilitate internet trolls with nothing more than the power of love.


Media strategy

To achieve maximum visibility for the action, we planned a digital media strategy that focused primarily on Twitter, the most appropriate platform for generating debate on this issue.

Since the budget was limited, our goal was to reach out to users who would act as more than just recipients and be predisposed to sharing the project. So, with the intention of making it go viral, we focused on identifying Twitter profiles with a large follower base that were attuned to the campaign’s message.


We created three video pieces which we produced in-house and hosted on a site with a very personal style. We also opened new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And, with all that, we brought the doctor to life.

We scheduled the launch for Internet Day 2017. The call to action was very clear: mention @doctorruka on your social media and he’ll come to your aid.


Participation of brands and external media


Interactions per minute (during the first 12 hours)


Total interactions


Twitter was where Dr Ruka’s profile worked best; we were well received by some big accounts with retweets and interactions coming from the likes of @norcoreano, @laquintacolumna and @mikelnhao; comedians like Raúl Cimas and Joaquín Reyes (@enjutomojamuto); and brands such as @HawkersCO (which linked the RT with a prize draw for sunglasses), @telepizza_es, @PlayStationES, @Infojobs, @DominosPizza_ES and @Oscarmayerspain, among others.

The action was also mentioned by media outlets like Yorokobu, La Publicidad, Visto en las Redes and La Criatura Creativa.


Agency project: Zoom

Year: 2017

Sector: Advertisement


Client Service Director: Judit Sáez

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Copywriter: Samuel Valiente

Executive Producer: Rubens Pérez



Edgar Lledó


Edgar Lledó


Ricardo Revaliente

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