Christmas Data Songs

Christmas greetings in the form of songs? Standard. Do it with Christmas carols created from Google Trends data on searches made over the last 10 years? Now you’ve got our creative sound-data project.



  • Brand strategy
  • Digital strategy


  • Creative conceptualisation
  • Art direction
  • Web design


  • Audiovisual
  • Graphics
  • Website


  • Social Paid


  • Campaign performance analysis

Case study


To raise awareness about our agency with a Christmas communication campaign that would wish the season’s greetings to our clients.


Many advertising agencies design Christmas campaigns to wish their clients a happy holiday. We also wanted to say Merry Christmas to our clients, but we didn’t want it to be clichéd – we needed to innovate, to do something unique and surprising. So we combined two of the agency’s main pillars: creativity and data.

Starting with this combination, we thought about the Christmas data we could use to build the campaign. Amazon toy sales, the number of people who won’t be able to eat all the grapes, the odds that the same person will always get the broad bean in the Christmas cake? Searches on Google Trends!

By studying the graphs of search results related to Christmas, we found that they looked like sheet music. What if we created music with them?
And so the Christmas Data Songs were born; a new Christmas carol concept that showed how our behaviours, tastes and trends have changed over recent festive seasons.

“We Wish You A Merry Crisis”; “Let It Go. Seriously, Let It Go”; “Hipster Bells” and “New Year’s Re-Re-Resolution Song” were the titles chosen, each of which represented the results from five keyword searches related to the theme of each song.






These 4 experimental electronic music carols were available to listen to on christmasdatasongs.com, the website where we made the project public. We also launched them in a physical format: a cassette-style memory stick that we shared with our clients.

“These Christmas carols reflect the way we are and how we behave online as Spaniards” – El Confidencial

“A way of piquing our interest in the numbers and trends which, ultimately, produce a precise X-ray of our behaviour” – El Español

A way of reflecting how we really are. These carols are unmissable” – Cribeo from La Vanguardia

“Zoom’s goal is to emphasise the importance of data through this action” – Interactiva Digital

“If data seem cold and impersonal to many, this project provides an artistic and friendly interpretation that personalises them and gives them importance” – Marketing Directo

“Zoom turns the most popular search trends on the internet into Christmas carols” – La Publicidad


Web traffic growth


Visibility in external media outlets


Reach achieved through external media


The first reaction came from our clients, who emphasised the action’s originality. Many asked for more information and sent the website to their friends.

General media outlets like Ara, El Confidencial, Cribeo and El Món a RAC1 also reported on the project, as did specialist media like Marketing Directo and La Publicidad. We also had the opportunity to discuss it in more detail on the Ràdio 4 show Preferències.


Agency project: Zoom

Year: 2018

Sector: Advertisement


Client Service Director: Judit Sáez

Digital Account Manager: Rosa Pla

Head of Strategy: Luis Conde

Creative Executive Director: Uri Fernández

Executive Producer: Rubens PĂ©rez

Producer: Alejandra Serna

Audiovisual: Carlota Oms

Audiovisual: Sergi DĂ­az



Laia Sabaté


Aleix Fernández

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