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La receta es compartir

New families have new needs. In response to these needs, Casa Tarradellas had to create a new position that valued the emotional benefit of dough and find a new media mix to reach those who don’t spend a lot of time watching television.

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To increase brand awareness within the dough category with superior positioning and generate a purchase intention.

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There are few brands that Spaniards value as highly as Casa Tarradellas, thanks to its position as a brand that helps families connect. But for a product like dough, which requires showing consumers what can be made with it, finding the balance between the emotional and the functional becomes a challenge.

To find that balance, we analysed how consumers use dough and we realised that it’s a product that accompanies them for a long time: from the moment they start thinking about what ingredients they’re going to need, through preparation, right up to when they put the plate on the table. And that’s precisely where the magic lies. Thanks to dough, cooking goes from a dish that has to be made, a boring and trivial chore, to a ritual in which mothers, fathers, kids and couples share moments of joy, anecdotes and secrets.

We translated this logic into “La receta es compartir”, a brand claim that communicates both the functionality of the product and the moment that is created around its use, a moment that gives way to sharing quality time with others.

“'La receta es compartir' is a great find, not only because it allows us to connect the product’s function with its emotional value, but also because it is a fertile claim under which to build the dough category for Casa Tarradellas in the long term.”

Luis Conde Director of Strategy

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To bring the claim to life, we had to prepare a campaign. The first thing we did was define the segments with the highest potential for Casa Tarradellas – mothers and fathers with small children, older families and young couples – and seek specific insights in order to connect with each of them. We then looked at the media they use to help with their cooking and realised that they were all turning to the web to learn how to prepare new dishes. We adapted our messages to the visual and narrative language of the world of online recipes.

“The language we used allowed us to integrate different elements that were essential. The product had a lot of visibility – which is key for consumers to understand the connection of Casa Tarradellas with the category – but its presence is not gratuitous and its role as an enhancer of moments of connection is clear.”

Uri Fernández Executive Creative Director

Finally, we divided the campaign into three phases to connect with consumers at different points in their decision process. In the first phase, we linked Casa Tarradellas to the dough category, highlighting its two-fold functional/emotional roles. In the second phase, we emphasised the product’s ease of use, and in the last phase we encouraged consumers to share family moments during Christmas with an item adapted to YouTube searches and influencers.

Media & Data Strategy

Our media strategy took into account the nature of each piece of content in order to distribute it across the most appropriate channels. The pieces of the first phase, with a narrative structure and longer duration, were distributed on video consumption channels to achieve better retention (TV on demand, OTTs, YouTube, RTB Video...). We also took advantage of YouTube to distribute the Christmas recipe piece at a time when users were searching for related content. The media mix was complemented by social media, in particular Instagram, which carried the influencers' promotions and content.

Our work for Casa Tarradellas includes the implementation of an analytical model for the brand’s full range of digital communication, allowing us to monitor results and verify that both the objectives of the campaign and those that the brand establishes at a national level were being met. Thanks to this, we were able to make improvement proposals for the following mass communications.

This integrated model made it possible to create a communicative experience for different targets at different times and on different media, building high-visibility, differential storytelling for the brand’s new point of view in the dough category. The claim demonstrated the brand’s ability to connect emotionally with the audience and the items achieved outstanding levels of relevance, with retention rates above the agency average.

Given the solid results, at the beginning of 2022 the brand decided to continue with the campaign and go ahead with a second wave, breaking the seasonality to which they were accustomed.



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